I’ve been in your place before. I know it’s cold and so unfair. It feels as if you’re struggling between a battle with the enemy and a battle with yourself. It’s almost as if you’re screaming at the top of your lungs and still no one seems understand. No one. Not even the one person that should. That voice within has been telling you for a long time now exactly what you should do –yet you’ve ignored it time and time again with the slightest bit of hope that you can somehow prove it wrong. You feel so alone even when your heart’s surrounded by those who care. You ask God: “Why did you let him in? Why is this happening to me? Why are you doing this to me?” You doubt Him. The thing is, you’re so deeply invested within your feelings, your emotions, that you fail to realize he’s always been there – holding your hand, guiding you. Remember that voice that you’ve ignored time and time again? That’s the Holy Spirit explicitly telling you right from wrong. No amount of advice is strong enough and no ounce of effort all for the sake of hope that ‘what if?’, or ‘maybe’ is worth it. Listen to that voice, even if you disagree. It’s all you’ve really got to guide you through this bizarre thing called life.

Oh and for all it’s worth, sweetheart, you’re so beautiful to me.

Dedicated to a special lady. And she knows who she is.